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M1 Legal secures life changing $149,608 timeshare compensation victory for North London couple

M1 Legal secures life changing $149,608  timeshare compensation victory for North London couple
M1 Legal secures life changing $149,608 timeshare compensation victory for North London couple

Years of legal experience pays dividends for M1 Legal and their clients with another month of well over half a million dollars in timeshare compensation awards

For one couple from Northwood in North West London, October 2022 brought a welcome conclusion to years of misery due to an illegally sold Marriott

Vacation Club International (MCVI) timeshare membership. Charles and Lauren (names changed) got the great news last week that M1 Legal had won their case, and they been awarded a massive $149,616 . (Case number M1-M116/04/2021/1115347/C)

"It's a victory for decency and common sense," remarked Fernando Sansegundo, head of M1 Legal in Spain. "The contract was clearly illegal, and it is in my opinion highly unlikely that MVCI didn't know exactly what they were doing. Not just with Charles and Lauren, but large volumes of other clients over the last two decades."

Other big compensation winners this month were a family from Agnes in Scotland who were awarded just under $55,991 against Diamond Resorts.

Almost $44,793 was awarded to another UK couple, Charles and Yana from Clevedon. Their successful claim was also against Diamond.

Regular success

"I remember well the first time M1 Legal broke the barrier of $559,911 in awarded compensation in one month," says Sansegundo. "It is real, tangible justice for mis-sold timeshare owners. Half a million dollars awarded in a month used to be an exceptional amount. Now we break that barrier regularly.

"This month for example we have achieved court victories worth $703,877 spread between 31 award winners. That averages well over $22,396 per client. These are people who generally only wanted to be free of the financial obligations of their memberships, so they could take advantage of the huge choices and flexibility available to modern holidaymakers. The compensation award came as a welcome bonus."

M1 Legal's bar is being raised higher and higher as legal barriers, delaying tactics and obstructive strategies utilised by the timeshare companies are systematically defeated. Currently M1 Legal enjoys a 98.6% success rate in court with timeshare compensation related cases.

October 2022 victories by resort

The three resorts M1 Legal scored the most victories against were:

  • MCVI. Seven compensation claims won, with a total value of $254,356 \
  • CLC. Seven claims successfully completed and $155,904 awarded to M1's clients. (These were won through the Spanish courts. During the same timeframe a further 56 cases were handled via FRP, the UK administrators)\
  • Finally Diamond Resorts had $181,815 awarded against them. Again to seven recipients

The remaining $111,802 was spread over various other resorts and ten clients.

"Although we often discuss the main culprits, being Anfi, CLC, Diamond, and Marriott, there are many other resorts who broke the law at their customers' expense," confirms Fernando. "If you don't see your resort mentioned on articles like this but feel you may have been sold illegally, it is definitely worth contacting the claims company who filters our cases, European Consumer Claims (ECC).

"They will give you a free consultation and let you know if you qualify for compensation."

For a free, no obligation, confidential assessment of your available options for escaping your timeshare membership, get in touch with our team at Timeshare Advice Centre.

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