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More Anfi Favourable Judgements

More Anfi Favourable Judgements

In our most recent substantive cases, our legal team obtained two victories in cases against Anfi and another against Diamond Resorts. The two Anfi cases accumulated to a value of $25,821 in monies awarded, with the Diamond Resorts case seeing $5,432 in awards.

In addition to this, we received a favourable judgement from the Consumer Office Dispute in Algrave against Oura View Beach Club - Leisure Dimensions (MUTHU group). This is a decision officially confirming cancellation of the Portuguese timeshare agreement, after the resort refused to accept the prior cancellation paperwork.

Our legal team were also successful in obtaining favourable judgements in all of last weeks jurisdiction cases. All five cases were against Club La Costa. Contractual names of CLC Sucursal and CLC Continental Resorts. Issues raised regarding the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts in this type of contract have a set procedure of decisions which are called “Resolucion Marco”. This jurisprudence setting is the basis of almost all current decisions for similar contracts.

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