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Over £18K Successful Outcome Against Club La Costa

Over £18K Successful Outcome Against Club La Costa

Our most recent victory is against CLC Continental Resorts that took place in Arona court. In this case, the judge was very abrupt with Club La Costa, stating that they are clearly a scam company and all they do is to mislead customers.

The key point was the lack of information as well as the contract period, which exceeds 50 years therefore the contract is null. In this instance our legal team obtained £18,379 in monies awarded to our client.

Furthermore, we’ve received 6 more favourable jurisdiction judgements against CLC. Contractual names being;

  • CLC Sucursal
  • CLC Paradise Trading

One of the main points of these several cases includes the court recognising Spain as CLC’s operational office therefore the claim is allowed to be submitted in Spain as stated in the law.

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