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Diamond, Anfi and Club la Costa all lose

Diamond, Anfi and Club la Costa all lose

In the past week we have been successful in cases against Diamond, Anfi and Club La Costa.

Our case against Diamond was held in Fuengirola Court where it was determined that the contract provided to our client when purchasing the timeshare failed to contain enough detail on the accommodation requirements to satisfy the law. Our legal team secured £15,011 in awards for the client in this case.

In the second case, against Club La Costa the contractual agreement lacked details of a similar nature too. Also heard in Fuengirola court, the client was totally awarded and obtained £26,031 in monies awarded as well as the costs.

The case against Anfi was heard in the high court after the resort appealed the first judgement. We kept the previous victory but this time Anfi were condemned in costs as well, leaving the claimant with £11,218 in awards.

In addition to these substantive victories we have a further six jurisdiction favourable judgements against CLC Surcursal.

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