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More Clients Totally Awarded

More Clients Totally Awarded

Our case against Anfi was heard in San Bartolomé Tirajana 5 Court. This was a great victory, as the judge declared nullity of the timeshare contract as well as the financial loan (including interests). Anfi were ordered to reimburse the total value including interests from the date of the purchase, for this client that means 15 years of interests ADDED to the $14,128 awarded.

This week we had a further victory against Club La Costa Sucursal that took place in Fuengirola 5 Court. In this circumstance, the case was won on the basis of the contract lacking accommodation details such as what could be used by the owner and when. We are pleased to say that this client was totally awarded, a sum of $17,101.68, including the costs.

There were a further 4 jurisdiction cases against Club La Costa, contractual names of Club La Costa Sucursal en España and Club La Costa UK Sucursal in which we were successful.

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