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This week M1 Legal reported FIVE victories against Anfi group.

It was discovered that in all five cases, the contract with Anfi did not disclose minimum law requirements regarding accommodation details such as when it could be used and what it consisted of.

Furthermore, two of the contracts were in perpetuity (no end date).

The judge ruled that all five contracts be deemed null and void.

Anfi Group were ordered to pay out in total $111,828 which is an average of $22,365

On top of the Anfi victories M1 Legal also reported a further FOUR jurisdiction victories against Club La Costa whereby CLC argued the case should not be heard in Spain however the decision x 4 was overuled. The contractual names are:

Paradise Trading S.L.U

Continental Resort Services SL

Club la Costa PLC EP

Club la Costa (UK) Sucursal en EspaƱa

A great week for victories against Anfi and Club La Costa.

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